UK Business First frequently asked questions.

What information do I need to submit in my SEO support application?

All we need you to do is fill in our simple online application form. We will review your domain name (website) and business history to determine which programme best suits your business.

Is my business eligible for SEO support?

All UK businesses can apply for our SEO support programmes. Eligibility is dependent on us being able to partner you with one of our reputable search engine optimisation providers. Providing you are trading or plan to trade in the United Kingdom you can apply.

How long will you provide my business with SEO support?

All successful applicants will be offered 6 months SEO support. After the initial 6-month support period we will offer you the opportunity to reapply for a further 3 months support. This reapplication process is ongoing every 3 months.

How much support will you offer my business?

On average we save UK businesses between 35-45% on their SEO spend each month, and in some cases, savings have been as high as 75%. We won't know exactly how much support we can offer you until you fill in the online application and an award is made.

I am self-employed, can I get help with my SEO?

Absolutely. The form of your business does not matter. You simply need to be trading or plan to trade in the UK using the website provided during application.

Can I apply for more than one website?

Yes, but only for different businesses. We would recommend you email us directly and we will always try to help. Our objective is to help as many UK businesses as possible.

Are there any conditions attached to your SEO support?

No. We recommend you view how our service works.

Is your support taxable?

No, our support does not work this way. We recommend you view how our service works.

Can I use my current SEO company?

Since 2007, we have assessed all of the UK's best SEO companies, independently rating each one based on our 100-point scoring system, considering one hundred factors such as number of years trading, testimonials, online reputation, and of course fee affordability. Our providers are essentially the best at what they do. However, we are always happy to assess your current SEO company, but they will need to register as a provider first.

Subsidise up to 75% of your SEO fee.

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Our SEO support makes a real difference.

The best service we have ever used.

"The best service we have ever used. UK Business First have been phenomenal from the start. Without their service we would never have found our SEO company and without our SEO company we would not be thriving online! UK Business First's service is an absolute must for any business with a website or planning to get a website."

Outstanding from day one.

"Not only did they save our business a lot of money over the last 12 months, their service has been outstanding from day one, brilliant find!"

Easiest process. Exceptional service.

"Applying online could not be easier. We received a decision within 24 hours and have been working with their trusted SEO provider for two years now. Exceptional service."

Prompt, supportive and friendly.

"From our initial enquiry and throughout the whole process, including aftercare, UK Business First have been a great find! Prompt, supportive and friendly. We can't recommend them enough."

We 100% recommend UK Business First's service.

"UK Business First make their whole process so straightforward, and their genuine desire to help our businesses has been second to none. We 100% recommend UK Business First's service."

This is our third business that has benefitted from UK Business First's service.

"This is our third business that has benefitted from UK Business First's services and each time is getting better and better. We have used two different SEO companies, and each has done an outstanding job."